WebBoy – Episode 2

In this months issue, Quinten Sage has decided to build himself an online portfolio. How nice ey? Well frustratingly enough his portfolio is all over the place, divs floating here, there and everywhere along with overlapping elements and divs generally not doing what they are told (or so he thinks).

Luckily though, there is help on hand. The mysterious voice has shown Web Boy the light in introducing him to his new sidekick and trusty friend, Fire Bug. Now with Fire Bug and Web Boys nice new W3C palm Validator, there is nothing that can stop Web Boy. Where is this overly helpful voice coming from….? Why is it trying to help….? Only time will tell…….

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10 Responses to WebBoy – Episode 2

  1. Haha Floating Blocks! Awesome episode, absolutely love it!

  2. There is a tap-tap toy by his screen. Wow nice. I’m very honoured. The episode is awsome and the story rocks. I’m a fan definately :)

  3. Matt Willett says:

    Love how the images represent a web design world hahaha. Great Impeccable.

  4. René Vella says:

    i actually installed ‘firebug’ because of this comic. Im looking forward to start using it :)

    • Web Boy says:

      Hi Rene, I am glad that you found this useful and hope that installing Firebug will help you with your web development in the future, be sure to check back for the future issue and more internet plug-in tips !

  5. Joe Wilcox says:

    Web boy needs a female sidekick/girlfriend!!! ;-)

  6. Shovan says:

    I am actually enjoying this

    Amazing work guys :)

  7. After reading both… Awesome! Can’t wait for the next number…

    Go WebBoy, Go!

    Márcio Guerra

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