WebBoy – Episode 1

Welcome to the first issue of the new web design comic….. Web Boy!!

Quinten Sage is a web designer.. well an amateur web designer. Wanting to become a successful designer Quinten attempts to build his first website. After a few hours of getting nowhere fast his eyes become heavy and 40 winks look on the cards.

Quinten then takes on the character of Web Boy through his dreams. Battling through the spam ravens, he hears a faint and distant voice echoing in the distance telling him to use one of his plug-ins…. Akismet.

Who does this voice belong to? Where does it come from? only time will tell…..

In future issues Quinten will look at the world of web design as he battles to become the master of the mobile.


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35 Responses to WebBoy – Episode 1

  1. First comment on Issue 1! looking forward to issue 2! keep it up guys.

  2. Matt Willett says:

    Go Web Boy! Takes me back to the day I made my first website… ’nuff said.

  3. This looks awesome guys! Have you used a tablet to illustrate and ink the comics or is it just intense mouse work? Looking forward to the next episode already :)

  4. Rob Hills says:

    Top work guys.. Keep it up.

  5. Joel Tarplin says:

    I’m hooked already – looking forward to meeting Web Boy’s arch nemeses! Great stuff!

  6. Love the comic, it’s awsome! looking forward to new episodes! bravo!!!

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  9. Colin says:

    Love it! More!!!

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  12. Peter Joseph says:

    Haha, loving it so far – can’t wait for episode two :)

  13. Very cool, love the comic!

  14. Jo-Han says:

    This post (especially, the comic slider plane) opened my eye in the versatility of using those sloder boxes to serve up information. As I have an educational site, it’ll be good to slide ‘flash cards’ and ‘study notes’ using the same concept.

    Kudos also to you for creating this wordpress related comic. I wonder if ‘dolly’ will make any special appearance. LOL. Captain Sitemap who knows everything about webboy. Menacing text link ads. And a host of other characters whom I hope to see in your very promising comic. Keep up the good work.

    • Web Boy says:

      Hey Jo-Han, I am glad that you like the comic and our use of the JQuery slider. Im sure that dolly will make an appearance in future issues as she is a staple part in everyones wordpress diet, As for captain sitemap we may have to bring him “on Board”.

      But I can assure you that there are some well known charactors to appear in the future and one very special guest aswell. !

  15. Donna says:

    I love the design for Akismet – cute little doggy-head device which awakens the spam-fighting pooch. Very clever. Great work all, and I look forward to more.

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  17. Wocker says:

    Please more chapters! jajajaja

  18. James says:

    “WebBoy the superhero of the Internet”. Great job! Who knows this might be in a movie someday.hehehe. :-)


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  23. grace says:

    this will come out weekly or monthly basis..wanna know what happen next..loVe It~

    • Rob says:

      Hi grace, the comic will be published through this sites RSS feed on the first of every month ! Im glad you like the comic !!

  24. Gav says:

    Excellent work fellas!! Looking forward to the next one for sure!

  25. Great start with the Web Boy Comic, looking forward to Episode 2! :D

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  27. Web Boy says:

    Hey guys, next issue is out May 1st and includes and a charactor that I am sure everyone here has either heard of or used !

    Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming…

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  29. Great work and nice discussion. I am going right now subscribe the RSS, and must say that, as a graphic designer and a comic book fan, this works pleases me very much. Despite doing some web stuff I must say that it is not my main subject, so, I expect to learn some stuff here too!
    So, keep up the very good work!

    Márcio Guerra

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